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ORB 100 Club

Would you like to join our new lottery?


Hi everyone,


We will soon be launching an exciting new lottery for members, volunteers, parents and carers - and want to see if you would like to join.


It is a great way to support the club, plus you are in with a chance of winning a CASH prize every month!


You pay a monthly fee each month. Some of the profits make up the monthly prize, with the remainder going directly to the club.


How it works is that each person will have their own numbered ticket which is entered into a draw each month. If your ticket is picked, you win a cash prize (exact amount depends on how many players there are but this will be a fixed percentage of the total income).


Sounds good? If you would like to take part, please let a leader know on a Friday night or email


If we get enough interest in the lottery we hope we can get it going by the summer!

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