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Our move online!

Given the latest government news we’re sad to acknowledge that the club nights can’t happen for a while and although we were close to opening in September, we all understand why it is not safe to do so.

So what’s next for our 50+ year old club?

We’re calling out to all members, parents, careers and volunteers to ask for your continued support and ideas. We know you’ve all become used to technology and Zoom, Skype, etc but what would you like to do; a virtual disco, virtual bingo, virtual art lessons, attend a small chat group…?

To support our move to a virtual club, our membership records need to be up to date. If Cliff Shepherd hasn’t contacted you recently, or you have changed details in the past 12 months please let him know on 07949 802 993 or email him on

If you are a parent, carer reading this or know someone who has experience of online events and able to spare some time to help us set up more online events then please get in touch?

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1 Comment

Dec 16, 2020

Am here if you need me

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